Our works

Our works

Junk Food Films started the “8bit Generation” project back in 2012.

To begin with the name, 8 Bit Generation, what we intended was to cover mostly that period of time, going from the early seventies to the late eighties, when the 8-bit technology came to the fore and was seized upon by a generation of enthusiasts that turned their dreams into a pacific revolution.

You can read about this project on www.8bitgeneration.com

Under that brand we released two documentaries:

The Commodore Wars poster

When Jack Tramiel founded Commodore in the 1970’s, he envisioned computing for the masses and not just the upper classes. Spearheading the personal technology revolution and combatting giants like Apple and IBM, Commodore became a household name by changing the way in which we interact, create and play with computers. 8 Bit Generation dives into the home computer explosion and explores Commodore’s key role in shaping the future in which we now live.

Before Google, Yahoo and even Apple, before the Silicon Valley cliché of informal dress code, skateboards running the corridors and wild creativity became commonplace, one company embodied the digital economy lifestyle and business style: Atari. This 110 minutes long documentary features a list of unreleased interviews including a very rare one with Warner VP Manny Gerard and a unique one with Atari CEO Ray Kassar, the man held responsible for Atari success and the video game industry crash at the same time, who never appeared in a documentary before.

From 2008 to 2010 Junk Food Films has committed themselves with sports collections

and in 2016 with web fiction