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What we are working on: “Firing Steve Jobs”

What we are working on: “Firing Steve Jobs”

What we are working on right now is a movie about one of the most dramatic and important moments in Steve Job’s life: the one in which he was fired from Apple.

We are going to capture the intimate contradiction of this event, the controversial path that led to such a tough decision: we want you to know how you would feel “Firing Steve Jobs”.

As he himself used to describe it, this experience was the best thing that could ever happen to him. It has been a crucial moment in Job’s professional life.

This is true for Apple also, who put themselves on the path of self-destruction, that inevitably had occurred without Jobs comeback in the late 90’s.

Why did they at Apple behead themselves by firing their own front man, the first cover man in the digital industry history?

Why did they consciously get rid of the strongest drive for vision and innovation of their entire ranks?

John Sculley

Two fictional movies have been already heavily focused on this single event. Although a reconstruction may impressively convey the emotions that would arise in such an incident, it falls short when compared to real accounts, the actual reason and the practical consequences of it.


By the end of 2016, we found ourselves with one documentary about Commodore computers on the way of self-distribution and the second one about Atari almost ready for delivering to our bakers.

We were just thinking about our next endeavor in the early computer history and we concluded that we could no longer avoid talking about Apple.

Tough indeed… it`s not that easy to approach a topic like that!

Apple MacIntosh

We committed ourselves to give the audience something they never had, which would be worth listening and watching and that will give a payload of knowledge that they would never find elsewhere. So in the beginning of 2017, we reached John Sculley and Mike Markkula.

It was not easy, but their words are an invaluable contribution to telling the story right, aside of any established storytelling about what happened.

Mike Markkula

Moreover, this is a story about humanity, difficult choices, ambition, passion and friendship that deserves to see the light of day.

We need your help now to deliver this same experience and first-hand accounts to the mass audience. Our main goal is to preserve the memory of this personalities for the years to come by means of good storytelling, beautiful footage and insightful words.

We do believe that the digital revolution history is a mass audience matter.

Steve Wozniak


Starting June 17th 2017 there will be a crowdfunding campaign going with the aim to raise the money needed to complete the documentary.


The campaign is now live. check it here


The movie will be released in spring 2018.