Who we are

Who we are

JUNK FOOD FILMS is a film making company with the claimed purpose to deliver “content for humans”. It was founded by TOMASO WALLISER back in 2008 and lately joined by BRUNO GRAMPA in 2014.


Since its inception Junk Food has committed themselves mostly to long documentary series in sports and technology alike, often involving huge panels of interviews and an in-depth approach to the different topics.

Junk Food also created and produced television programs, web based video content, short films and web series.

Funded by Tomaso Walliser (writer, director) and lately joined by Bruno Grampa (executive producer), Junk Food usually develops and produces every aspect of the video content in house, ranging from writing,  production and post production at many different levels.

This is done with the contribution of an ever expanding environment of young people being involved at the educational level and quickly gaining an expertise in writing, acting, shooting, editing, compositing and the like.


In recent years Junk Food Films has committed themselves to the hi-tech world, portraying the stories of the digital revolution through the eyes and the words of the people who made it.

“We strongly believe that the human side of the stories we tell plays a key role in our work. Our main goal is to talk about technology without forgetting the extremely important contribution of the people involved in it. Technology changed the world, but this has been possible because of a certain number of people who put their creativity, uniqueness, love and passion in what they were doing and we’d like to continue to deliver these messages to our audience”. (T. Walliser, 2016)

“Enchanted by these amazing stories of success, our purpose is to remain focused on the human side of them, both the good and the dark one. We like stories where professionalism and love, genius and dedication live side by side with ruthlessness and greed, ambition and betrayals: an explosive mixture which very often is the necessary basis to achieve the kind of greatness that is bound to change our world”. (B. Grampa, 2016)


TOMASO WALLISER was born in 1971, perfectly in time to be swept up by the digital revolution, sci-fi movies and techno pop.

After a degree in Philosophy at the Università Cattolica of Milan, he has been an author and executive producer in the italian television (RAI, SKY, LA7, MTV and ALL MUSIC).

He also has been a screenwriting teacher, acting coach, a selector for universities, musician and ultimately entrepreneur.

In 2008 he founded Junk Food, with which he produced documentaries, fiction and entertainment for all kind of platforms, often playing as director also.

BRUNO GRAMPA, passionate about technology, had the privilege of being a witness of birth and growth of information technology. Since he was a child, surrounded by computers, he decided that he would always follow this path. When he could, in his own way, he has also been a pioneer, innovator and curious.

Journalist and writer, he loves telling stories of people and their passions.

Since 2010 he has been collaborating with the filmmaker Tomaso Walliser to tell, by images, the adventures and emotions of information technology world.